About Elizabeth

Rhode Island Sunshine started as my mom Louise's business. It was her way of bringing people happiness with the beautiful pictures of the scenic locations around them. She especially loved Rhode Island sunrises and sunsets... and tulips! Tulips were my mother’s favorite flower and she passed that love for them on to me and my sisters. We always gave them to each other and to our loved ones and friends in our lives. Unfortunately my mother passed away tragically from cancer two years ago so she could not bring her business to its full promise.
My mother always instilled a deep love and appreciation for nature and the beauty and joy it holds. That is why I am so excited and grateful to be continuing my mother's passion and bringing joy and smiles to other's faces.
In partnering with Wicked Tulips Flower Farm this year I am thrilled to bring my mother's love of photography and tulips and sunrises and sunsets all together to bring some extra happiness into peoples lives during these especially trying times. Oh how I wish she was here to see it!
I am the mother of an amazing little boy named Alex who surprises me daily with his love and laughter and funny facial expressions. I love capturing all the big and little moments of his life to cherish forever. Just as I will love capturing yours for you! We may be mourning how different our lives currently are and be saddened that we cannot physically walk among the tulips this year but please still find joy in their beauty and let them bring some color into your life. 
The Wicked Tulips have sure brought a lot of color into mine!